Specific Rules and Regulations for the Graduate Program in Dramatic Arts

I – Members of the Program Coordination Commission ( CCP):

1. The Coordination Commission for the Graduate Program in  is comprised of the Program Coordinator, his/her Substitute, and a professor accredited as counselor in the Program, all the professors in the Unit and by a representative of the Program’s student body. A substitute will be elected for each full member.


II – Selection Criteria

Students - PPGAC

This topic are gathered all the information of interest to students of the program.

Classes - PPGAC

Classes Offered by PPGAC



Classes Offered - 1º Semester of 2012


A Musicalidade como Arcabouço da Cena: Caminhos para uma Educação Musical no Teatro
Prof. Dr. Fábio Cardozo de Mello Cintra

Nº vagas: 7 - Nº Créditos: 7

Student's Representation

The student's representation are the voice of the students in the Program Coordination Committee.

In 2011 representatives are:

Leonel Carneiro (representante) - leonelcarneiro@usp.br

Scholarship application requirements

Lines of Research of PPGAC

Research Area - Theory and Practice of Theatre

History of PPGAC

Professors PPGAC


The Graduate Program in Drama at ECA-USP has two areas of research, subdivided into four research lines


Contact PPGAC

Contact Information

ECA-USP Postgraduate Committee Secretary:

E-mail: ppgac@usp.br

Telephone: +55(11) 3091 1608


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