Undergraduate courses

The School of Communication and Arts (ECA) offers undergraduate courses in the field of knowledge under. 

They are free of charge and can be completed in four to six years, depending upon the course. Classes are held in Portuguese.

 Click on the desired course for information regarding the responsible teaching unit (in Portuguese):


1.    Dramatic Arts

2.    Plastic Arts

3.    Audiovisual Arts

4.    Library Sciences

5.    Editorial Business

6.    Journalism

7.    Music

8.    Marketing and Advertisement

9.    Public Relations

10.  Tourism


Know more

• The University and the professions
The website of the program The University and the professions (in Portuguese), maintained by the Vice President of Undergraduate Studies, has more information regarding the careers offered by USP, in addition to data regarding each of the educational units.

• Curricular organization of the undergraduate courses access the JúpiterWeb system website to view the organization of undergraduate courses.