Incoming Mobility

Responsible for assisting foreign students, beginning with the application process, up to the finalization of the academic exchange. Each semester, ECA receives students from foreign institutions that have partnership agreements with ECA (see the list), as well as USP (see the list).

Foreign students whose institution of origin has agreements only with USP should contact the USP International Cooperation Office, for information about the application process.

Foreign students wishing to attend an academic semester or a full academic year at the School of Communications and Arts, and whose Institution of Origin has a partnership agreement with ECA, should read the information on our website (Incoming Mobility); contact the Office of International Relations of the Institution of Origin, so they can assist you in the appointment process and, finally, proceed with the application online, according to the guidelines provided. 

When applying, it is important that the foreign student is aware that their nomination should be made by the Institution of Origin; otherwise the application will not be accepted. 

Foreign students interested in studying at ECA and who are not part of a specific exchange program, neither with ECA nor with USP, so-called "free movers”, must proceed with the application online, respecting the stipulated deadlines. They must also fill the specified form and attach the requested documentation. Each year, the International Relations Committee decides on the number of vacancies that can be offered to "free movers"; the Committee is also responsible for examining the documentation and the acceptance, or not, of the student's application.

The School of Communication and Arts does not accept applications from individuals who are not regularly enrolled in a Foreign Institution of Higher Education.