Graduate Program in Information Science - PPGCI

The Graduate Program in Information Science at ECA-USP (PPGCI/USP) was created in 2006, with the aim of strengthening research and education in the study area. It is based on the training of researchers and qualified human resources for higher education and other national and international socio-political-scientific-cultural organisations. The program`s internationalization aims to increase academic and cultural dialogue with other universities, while recognizing the maturity of the research developed within the Program in partnership activities. The activities that have been developed, within the scope of academic agreements with foreign researchers, seek to consolidate research on topics of interest to the Program, in addition to incorporating new themes and inserting professors and students on other research fronts.

The Program has a focus on Culture and Information; and aims to develop theoretical and methodological references in topics that related to the following three Research Lines: Social Appropriation of Information; Management of Information Systems; and Information and Knowledge Organization.