Cooperation Projects

Dinter: Selection process for the ECA and UNEB interinstitutional doctorate

What is Dinter? 

Dinter are doctoral classes conducted by a (national) promoting institution in the facilities of a hosting educational and research institution, located in the Brazilian territory or abroad, away from consolidated educational and research centres. 

The objective is the post-graduate training of qualified human resources for socio-economic-cultural and scientific-technological development, innovation and, above all, training of teachers for the nucleation of new stricto sensu postgraduate programs outside the consolidated centres of education and research. 

Specific objectives: 

  • Enable the training of doctors outside the consolidated educational and research centers, with an equal quality standard 

  • Explore the potential of postgraduate programs already consolidated to: support the training of teachers for different levels of education, subsidize the nucleation and the strengthening of teaching and research groups, strengthen and establish the conditions for the creation of new postgraduate courses. 

  • Contribute, in the host institutions to: the creation and strengthening of research themes that support regional needs and expand the institutional commitment to the development of the region, the emergence of new professionals for research by encouraging the participation of students with a scholarship and the establishment of lasting partnerships between postgraduate programs or teaching and research groups at different stages of development, for the dissemination of national competence in science and technology. 

Selection Process Dinter ECA/UNEB 2015 

  • Public Notice (2015)
    In response to a public notice, 14 candidates signed up for the selection process held in Juazeiro, Bahia in October 2015. Of these candidates 8 were approved in a selection process, similar to that applied for regular candidates in the PPGCOM ECA-USP selection process, i.e., obtain minimum grade (seven) in a written test based on the bibliography presented in the public notice and have their project discussed and approved in an interview with teachers of the program. All those approved have enrolled for a doctorate.
  • Approved candidates (pdf)
  • Theses defended (pdf)

PROCAD: Academic Cooperation Program between USP, UFRN and UFMS (2014-2020)

PROCAD (Academic Cooperation Program), financed by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES, links three postgraduate programs in communication, with an aim of exchange and mutual development of the institutions involved, namely: USP (PPGCOM), UFRN (PPGEM) and UFMS (PPGCOM).

This program works on the theme of mediations, seeking the continuous improvement of teaching and research, in addition to theoretical and methodological formulations centred on the understanding of cultural media productions and communication processes based on the research focus.

The Program is configured as an opportunity to share knowledge of the multiple lines of research of the PPGs involved and exchanges of teachers and students, enabling the development and transformation of human resources with high quality. (Know more)