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MATRIZes Magazine

MATRIZes is the journal of the postgraduate Program in Communication Sciences at USP. The journal was created in 2007 and is published every four months. It is intended for the publication of texts with a focus on communication, with a theoretical-reflective character, which presents analyzes and approaches to processes, means, mediations and communicational interactions in contemporary society. MATRIZes encourages the transdisciplinary character of communicational thinking and presents itself as a privileged space for the necessary debates from different perspectives of communication studies.

According to the current QUALIS Periodicals of CAPES, MATRIZes is the reference journal of the Communication Area, with the A1 classification. The Editorial Committee is constituted as follows:

Director: Prof. Dr. Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes, ECA-USP
Executive Editor: Prof. Dr. Richard Romancini
Scientific editorial:
Prof. Dr. Luciano Guimarães
Prof. Dr. Margarida M. Krohling Kunsch
Prof. Dr. Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes
Prof. Dr. Richard Romancini;
Prof. Dr. Roseli Figaro

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