Research project presentation rules

The Research Project must be presented in clear language, demonstrating grammatical and conceptual mastery. It must be structured in the form of topics, occupying a maximum of 20 (twenty) typed pages, including the bibliography, in Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing between lines.

The Doctoral Project in relation to the masters Project must present:

  • Greater degree of theoretical and methodological elaboration
  • Greater depth and complexity of the research object
  • Original theme
  • Mandatory research hypotheses.

How to structure a research project:


It must contain the following information:
• Explanatory title
• Project level (Master's or Doctorate)
• Concentration area
• Research line

Page 1

Project Title and Summary (Up to 5 lines, Portuguese only)

Research project

1. Introduction

2. Object
Research subject and problem
Justification of the study regarding relevance and originality

3. Theoretical framework of reference
Project Integration within existing research and review of basic bibliography

4. Objectives
General and specific; theoretical and practical.

5. Methodological procedures
Explanation of research methods and techniques; suitability for the project

6. Final considerations

7. Research summary
Project layout in parts, chapters, topics

8. Bibliographic References
Use ABNT standards and norms (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards)
Maximum of 3 pages

9. Schedule of activities