Selection Process

The selection of master's and doctoral students is carried out by the Coordinating Committee of the Post-Graduate Program in Communication Sciences at ECA:

Regular Student

Know more about the selection process to become a PPGCOM master or doctoral student:

  • Public notice
  • Registration
  • Selection steps
  • Proficiency information
  • Final result
  • Enrollment

Special student

Check our selection public notice for special students that are part of PPGCOM:

  • Public notice
  • Participants list
  • Selected candidates
  • Effective Enrollments

Regular Foreign student selection process

The foreign candidate applies for the selection process for a regular student in accordance with the PPGCOM Regulation.
Important: Foreign applicants must present the following documents: 

  • Copy of RNE or protocol with the RNE number.
  • Language proficiency certificate, issued by the institutions indicated in the Public Notice for the Selection Process, valid for no more than five years on the date of registration.
  • Certificate of proficiency in Portuguese for foreign candidates, issued by the institutions indicated in the Public Notice for the Selection Process


Contact us and get to know our previous selection processes.