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Research Ethics Committee

Research project presentation rules

Read about project presentation rules and regulations of PPGCOM

Qualification Report Standards

Find out more abour qualification report standards of PPGCOM

Financial aid for congresses and scientific events 


  • Complete work approved, with copy of acceptance letter from the institution promoting the event;
  • Estimated costs of registration, accommodation and food;
  • Letter with supervisor indication;
  • Form filled with all requested data (link)

Accountability must be concluded by the student within 15 days after participation in the event.

Student Production as established by the PPGCOM Regulation

Master's degree - two publications on the theme of research in development, either with ISSN or in qualified journals, Qualis; or in book chapters or books with ISBN.

Doctorate - six publications on the theme of research in development, either with ISSN; or in qualified journals, Qualis; or in book chapters or books with ISBN. (Read more PPGCOM Regulation)

Research meeting – Conexão Pós

Conexão Pós is the PPGCOM / USP event with the objective of promoting dialogues around the researches of the postgraduate Program. The event takes place in December of each year and all students who have already passed the qualification exam must participate, being mandatory for students with scholarships who passed the qualification exam. The initiative replaces the traditional "Jornada Discente" with a format that seeks to promote integration between master students, doctoral students and professors, to debate the epistemological, theoretical and methodological paths of research. The expanded abstracts submitted will be evaluated by a committee of professors and presented during the event by their authors. We emphasize that the event is also open to the entire student community. Those who are interested in participating in the event must register using the same form as those who will present their research. Each year Conexão Pós produces an e-book with the complete works presented at the event. (according to editing rules)