Graduate Program in Drama

The School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo - ECA/USP – is a public institution of higher learning focused on training professionals and researchers in the field of Arts and Communications and the production of scientific knowledge through the use of its laboratories and study center. Since its foundation, on June 15, 1966, ECA has maintained an ample and diversified range of teaching and research activities as well as its extensions of community services, supported by modern didactic facilities. The School of Communications and Arts is comprised of Departments and the Dramatic Arts School (EAD). It offers 21 regular undergraduate courses, 13 of which focus on the Arts and 8 on Communications. Presently there are 6 Graduate Programs: Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music, Information Sciences,  Communications Sciences and audiovisual media and processes.

USP’s Graduate Program in Drama was created in 1981 – truly the oldest and most pioneering program of its kind in the country -, but was part of the Arts Program, which included the graduate courses in Music and Visual Arts as well. In 2005, the three programs were separated and each became more independent, resulting in the considerable increase in development and allowing each to attain maturity, gaining more autonomy in implementing projects for teaching, research and overall intellectual production in their respective fields.

The creation of an autonomous program in Drama at USP is the natural outcome of the strengthening of this field of knowledge within a national level, thanks, in a large part, to the dedication of its professors and students who participated in these over 30 years of work. The Program’s Research Lines incorporate the advances made in the field and the dialogue with contemporary thought in both the international and national scenario: