Since its creation, the Department of Fine Arts at ECA-USP has stood out for its commitment to excellence in teaching combined with research in art and has established itself, with the support and participation of teachers and students, with a strong participation and presence in the contemporary art scene. The reaffirmation of these goals happens through the composition of its faculty, renewed in order to maintain the same historical levels of quality, updated research lines and its undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum structures.

The Postgraduate Program in Arts at ECA-USP is the oldest postgraduate program in the field of arts in Brazil. The postgraduate program was established in 1972 and officially implemented in 1974, and the doctorate in 1980, being, for 15 years, the only doctorate in the country. As of July 2006, the Postgraduate Program in Arts at ECA USP, which was composed by the programs of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Musicology, was split into three autonomous programs and the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts was created.

The Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at ECA / USP is offered at the master's and doctoral level with two specialization areas: Visual Poetics and Art Theory, Teaching and Learning. The diplomas are issued as a Master or Doctor in Visual Arts, with the specialization attended by the student.

Link to text by Prof. Dr. Gilbertto Prado about the Visual Arts Program:

Brief report on ECA-USP’s Graduate Program in Visual Arts

Gilbertto Prado is a multimedia artist and retired professor at the Fine Arts Department at ECA-USP. He coordinated the Postgraduate Program in Arts at ECA-USP between 2002 and 2006 and the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts between 2008 and 2010.