Master's and Academic Doctorate - Specialization area and research lines

Specialization area: culture and information

This specialization area studies the relationships that characterizes the processes of construction and / or re-construction of meaning and / or the cultural product when information is transformed into knowledge and the cultural product, into a cultural asset, proposing the observation of necessary actions , so that information can be preserved and socially circulated (collection, selection, organization, access) and the analysis of cultural contexts where these processes take place and acquire social meaning. The insertion of information studies in the social-cultural context aims to provide a particular understanding of introduction of Information Science in the scope of Applied Social Sciences. 

The specialization area has 3 (three) Research Lines:
1) Social Appropriation of Information;
2) Management of Information Systems; and
3) Information and knowledge organization


Research Line: Social Appropriation of Information

Study of the processes of social appropriation of information, considered in its educational and cultural aspects and defined as one of the specific objects of Information Science, and an area of transdisciplinary knowledge. It includes historical-cultural studies focused on policies, dynamics, devices and cultural practices, as well as studies on the relations between Information and Education, under synchronic and diachronic perspectives. These studies mobilize concepts such as symbolic appropriation, cultural action, informational knowledge, info-education, cultural mediation, cultural protagonism, among others.
The researches that integrate the line are distributed in two complementary fronts:
a) Cultural action, cultural policy, cultural devices, information technology and culture;
b) info-education, approach on the connections between Education and Information, with a view to the appropriation of informational knowledge and to affirmative participation in the contemporary culture.

Faculty - Social Appropriation of Information

Edmir Perrotti - CV Lattes
Giulia Crippa - CV Lattes
Ivan Cláudio Pereira Siqueira - CV Lattes
Ivete Pieruccini - CV Lattes
Lúcia Maciel B. de Oliveira - CV Lattes
Marco Antônio Almeida - CV Lattes

Research Line: Management of Information Systems

Theoretical and methodological studies related to the planning, management and evaluation of services, networks and information systems. It includes the analysis of the variables that interfere in the management of flows from selection to the use of information resources, in order to guarantee the adequacy of products and services to the user's needs in specific contexts. It also includes analyses and reflections, from a managerial point of view, of information and scientific and technological communication policies, as well as its main channels of diffusion.
The focuses and topics that are part of this research line divided into the following categories:
a) studies on managerial mediation models in Information Services, supported by theories and methods of Administration and Communication.
b) studies on the production and evaluation of scientific and technical communication, supported by bibliometric, scientometric and informetric theories and methods;
c) studies on virtual environments for the production, circulation and access to information, with an emphasis on understanding the processes mediated by information and communication technologies;
d) historical-conceptual reflections on user studies, invisible college, virtual communities and communities of practice, including an understanding of methods and analysis procedures;
The contextualization of the studies allows a better understanding of the environmental, organizational, socio-cultural variables that interfere with the user's information needs (individual or collective) and in the assessment of its relevance criteria in relation to information resources, research support and recovery of information available. Thus, the studies consider different information devices, virtual or in person, public or private, general or specialized, and the nature of the information available for access.

Faculty - Management of Information Systems

Asa Fujino - CV Lattes
Francisco Carlos Paletta - CV Lattes
José Fernando Modesto da Silva - CV Lattes
Marcelo dos Santos - CV Lattes
Marcos Mucheroni - CV Lattes
Pedro Luiz Côrtes - CV Lattes
Rogério Mugnaini - CV Lattes
Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira - CV Lattes


Research Line: Information and Knowledge Organisation

Theoretical and methodological studies related to the organization of knowledge and information and its circulation for the purposes of access, recovery and use. Compreende a análise dos objetivos, processos e instrumentos que caracterizam as distintas possibilidades de organização da informação, considerando - se ainda a sua inserção histórica e sócio-cultural e as condições de interação face à diversidade da produção e dos públicos da informação. It also includes historical and epistemological approaches to the organization of knowledge and information.
The focuses and topics that are part of this research line divided into the following categories:
a) theories and methods of construction and organization of documentary information for different receivers. The textual / discursive aspects of the informational objects and the different models of reading, analysis, condensation and representation are observed, including the computational models.
b) the construction of language documentation and other tools for organizing information for access, retrieval and use, observing linguistic, semiotic, terminological and communicational characteristics, documentary content and recipient groups, as well as technological inputs;
c) historical and epistemological studies related to the social organization of knowledge and its relationship with the proposals for organizing information;
d) analysis and proposition of information organization policies within the scope of its distribution and reception. 

Faculty - Information and Knowledge Organisation

Cibele Araújo Camargo Marques dos Santos - CV Lattes
Giovana Deliberali Maimone - CV Lattes
Marilda L. Ginez de Lara - CV Lattes
Marivalde Moacir Francelin - CV Lattes
Nair Y. Kobashi - CV Lattes
Vânia Mara A. Lima - CV Lattes