Postgraduate Program in Communication Sciences


The Master Program in Communication Sciences at the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo was the first Communication programme in Brazil, created on January 8th, 1972. The Doctoral Program in Communication Sciences started its activities on August 1st, 1980.

PPGCOM researches have contributed to the country and internationally on multiple themes: communication epistemology, communication theories, entertainment studies (soap operas, series); educommunication (communication and education); discourse theories; communication and organizational culture; reception and consumption studies; digital journalism; studies of publicity and propaganda, theory of journalism and social dialogue; image and aesthetics (photography); communication and work; censorship and freedom of speech; communication and culture, among other topics.

In a constant process of updating and renewal over the last decades, PPGCOM advances in its teaching and research proposal, instituting, in June 2019, the new curricular structure. One research area: Communication Sciences and three lines of research: 1- Communication, networks and languages: theoretical and empirical objects; 2- Communication Processes: technologies, production and consumption; 3 - Communication: Interfaces and Institutions. This new structure, more dynamic, broad and integrating, meets the challenges that communication studies are facing nowadays.

PPGCOM has expanded international dialogues through various agreements with foreign institutions, allowing it to send and host teachers and students; through professors who work in scientific entities in the Ibero-American context and others, as well as through joint international projects; and, finally, with significant bibliographic contribution, with special emphasis in recent years on the editorial work of the magazine MATRIzes.

The fact that the program brings together the plurality of interests and experiences, makes it a matrix of studies that leads and empowers regional efforts in communication teaching and research. The role of the incubator for new postgraduate courses and revitalization of old ones has been one of the distinguishing marks in the history of Postgraduate Studies in Communication Sciences at USP. It is a national and international reference and promotes research in regions that until then had little or almost no knowledge produced in the area.