PPGCOM selects candidates for master's and doctoral scholarships by CAPES/CNPq.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

All masters and doctoral students regularly enrolled in the Postgraduate Program in Communication Sciences, except for students who were selected by the PEC-PG Program. Students can only have a scholarship and a formal employment relationship if the paid activity is in line with academic research, the supervisor's consent and the program and as long as the limit of hours of paid work does not exceed 20 hours per week, which must be proven and confirmed. Check here full ordinance

CAPES requirements

Some requirements by CAPES (Ordinance 76, of 14.04.2010):

  • full dedication to the academic activities of the postgraduate program;

  • in the case of formal employment relationship be dismissed from professional activities and without paid leave.

  • establishment of residence in the location where the course takes place;

  • do not accumulate scholarships from another program, from another funding agency or from a national and international organization.

  • the applicant cannot be an employee or service provider, teacher, researcher or technician, of the institution where the postgraduate course is held.

  • the applicant cannot be retired or in a similar situation

  • be, at the time of granting the scholarship, at least 20 years old, in the case of a master's scholarship, or 24 years old, in the case of a doctoral scholarship, to comply with the legally established time for obtaining your retirement.

  • do a teaching internship in accordance with Article 18 of Ordinance No. 76, of April 14th, 2010 from CAPES

Duration of the scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for a period of one year, and its continuity is conditioned to the evaluation of the academic performance of the graduate student. The maximum duration of the doctoral scholarship is 48 (forty-eight) months and the master's, has a maximum duration of 24 (twenty-four) months, non-extendable

Scholarship amount

Currently the monthly fee is:
Master's: R$ 1,500.00 (one thousand and five hundred reais)
Doctorate: R$ 2,200.00 (two thousand and two hundred reais)

Required documentation (new scholarship)

The application for scholarships requires the applicant to submit the following documents:

  1. Form duly completed, available for download here.
  2. 5 (five) printed copies of the research project, according to the instructions and rules for the presentation of the project (stapled), and only 1 (one) of the copies must include: a) Name of the student; b) supervisor’s full name; c) supervisor’s signature and approval;
  3. Summary of the activities developed in the postgraduate level (readings and reflections related to the research object, the collection and analysis of sources/data; presentation of works, participation in other research, extension activities etc.).
  4. Student file – Janus System
  5. Updated Curriculum Lattes
  6. Merit report issued by another funding agency to which the project has previously been referred and duly evaluated by a scientific committee (optional).

Select criteria

Learn more about select criteria for master's and doctorate scholarships (.pdf).

Selection process for scholarship (Capes and CNPq)

  1. Public Notice (2019)
  2. Results

For more information, visit Research São Paulo Foundation's website.