Presentation of the Postgraduate Program in Music

Graduate Program in Music


Introduction: Since its early beginnings, the Graduate Program in Music has worked to promote academic research and artistic practice, striving to produce new knowledge in music. Our graduates have successfully pursued professional work in the academic and artistic areas, both in Brazil and abroad. The graduate program seeks to foster innovation and research in music through exchanges and partnership agreements with other institutions, as well as through scientific meetings, workshops and masterclasses with distinguished performers and music scholars.

Scope: The Graduate Program in Music is characterized by a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research, which is reflected in the composition of its faculty, research subjects and curriculum structure. The program aims to promote innovative musical studies incorporating research and practice in different aspects of music at the masters and doctoral levels. To prepare students for roles as artists, teachers and scholars, the program’s curriculum strives to offer advanced training that qualifies them to act in a critical way, with an emphasis on the artistic specificity of the area.  

Mission Statements: The mission of the Graduate Program in Music at USP is to promote innovative musical studies that incorporate research and practice in various aspects and areas of music at the masters and doctoral levels. To achieve this mission, the specific goals are: 

  • Training of students for careers as scholars and teachers in colleges and universities; 
  • The development of innovative research that generates new knowledge in music and its connections; 
  • The promotion of academic and artistic production in music.

Application Requirements:

The admission to the program is carried out through an application process regulated by public notice published periodically in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo and on the program's website. Foreign students are required to be proficient in Portuguese with an intermediate or higher level, which can be validated by presenting the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners, CELPE-BRAS or the certificate from the Language Center of FFLCH-USP.