Post-Doctorate at USP is a research program carried out at their Unities, Integration Entities, and Complementary Entities, directed to those who already have a doctorate title, with the objective to improve the level of the university’s scientific excellence. It is ruled by Resolution nº 5868, dated September 23, 2010 with some amendments  in Resolution nº 6016, dated October 11, 2011

At ECA, the Post-Doctorate Program of the Pro-Rectory of Research is managed by the Research Commission. In order to apply for the Program, the applicant must look for a Professor at ECA, incumbent or retired  with Terms of Agreement and Permission of Use (approved by the Departmental Council) who accepts to be his/her Research Supervisor. Applicants from USP and other national or international Universities are welcome.

The research period varies from 3 months to a maximum of 2 years, and the program does not involve any employment bond. The project must have the researcher’s own authorship, and can be financed by a Suppporting Agency, or by any other interested institution. The Agencies that can finance this program are: FAPESP, CAPES and CNPq.

In order to apply for the Post-Doctorate program, the applicant must submit his/her research project to the approval of his/her supervisor’s own Departmental Council. Projects without Post-Doctorate scholarship  must be sent by the Departmental Council to an assessor who will assess the academic merits of the research. Following the approval by the Departmental Council, the process is forwarded to the Research Commission, which will send it to USP’s Pro-Rectory of Research.

Post-Doctorate Projects

Rules for Post-Doctorate at ECA