Research Teams

A research team is a group of researchers who propose to develop research in a certain area of knowledge. Each research team must have a coordinator to manage its activities. At ECA, for a research team to be certified, its coordinator must be a professor, incumbent or retired  with Terms of Agreement and Permission of Use (approved by the Departmental Council) in the Unit. At ECA the teams are certified by two procedures:

Certification by CNPq: This type of research team certification is carried out directly by  USP Pro-Rectory of Research. The Research Team Coordinator must contact the Institution to find out about the required documents for the regularization procedures.

Certification by ECA USP: This type of certification is carried out directly by USP’s ECA Research Commission. The Research Team Coordinator must adapt the functioning of his/her team to ECA’s Internal Regulations, and must forward the team’s documents to the Departmental Council for approval at their meeting. The Department will then forward the documents to USP’s ECA Research Commission, which will choose an assessor to verify whether they abide by ECA’s Internal Regulations. Upon approval, the Commission will start a process whereby the Research Team can forward it to ECA’s Congregation for  final approval, which will regularise the functioning of the team in the Unit.

ECA Research Teams

Regulations for ECA Research Teams

Guidelines on how to write Rules and Regulations for Research Teams - NEW