Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Scholarships (PIBIC)

This program was created in 1992 to promote the research development of USP’s graduates and professors. Managed by Pro-Rectory of Research, it fosters links between graduate students and the scientific world, as a complement to their academic formation. It is managed in each Unit by the Institution’s Research Commission. It is financially supported by CNPq, by USP’s Rectory and by Santander bank.


Institutional Program for Initiation to Technological Development and Inovation Scholarships (PIBITI):

This program’s objective is to stimulate the development and transfer of new technologies and innovation   by students in technical colleges or in higher education. Furthermore, it contributes to the formation of human resources for research activities within the University. This program, as the PIBIC program, is financially supported by CNPq, by USP’s Rectory, and by Santander bank, and is managed by the Research Commission of each Unit.


Scientific Initiation Program Without Scholarship:

This type of Scientific Initiation is directed to students who have some employment bond and therefore do not qualify for a scholarship by the University and/or to students who did not do the Scientific Initiation program with a scholarship.