Project maps the initiatives from LAC libraries in support to Agenda 2030

Programa: Ciência da Informação

Área de Concentração: Cultura e Informação 

Linha de Pesquisa: Gestão de Dispositivos da Informação

Docente Responsável: Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira


For this year 2017, the IFLA Standing Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (IFLA LAC) is conducting the project "Mapping of Latin American and Caribbean libraries initiatives in support of the National Development Plan - Agenda 2030", which aims at identifying and recording projects and initiatives that LAC libraries are developing in their countries of origin to demonstrate how they are contributing to the achievment of the objectives (ODS) and satisfaction of local development needs. All librarian associations or colleges from every Latin American and Caribbean country are invited to participate in this project that aims to integrate all of our region as we did in 2016. The proposal has four phases: Plan and develop a strategy to inform all professionals in your country, acting on projects related to the ODS. Collect data about projects being developed in countries and ensure that they are fed into the plataform developed by IFLA LAC. All associations or colleges participating in this project are also invited to present the results of their analysis and data collection at our WLIC 2017 Latin America and Caribbean Session in Poland. An Evaluation Team will analyse all the projects registered in our plataform with the purpose of choosing the three most interesting, relevant or unusual to represent our region in the Open Session that Regional Division V will also be promoting during WLIC 2017. As with 2016 project, we at IFLA LAC intend to publish an IFLA booklet: "Access and opportunity for all: how lac libraries contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda".